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Create an attractive and engaging testimonial section for your website with The Ultimate Testimonial Plugin for WordPress: Testify.

Both easy to use and customize, setting up a beautiful and functional testimonial section to showcase positive customer feedback is a breeze. With Testify, you’ll be enticing site visitors and converting them into customers in no time.

Easy to use

no code required


scales beautifully


fit any site design


fast and effective

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Testify is integrated with Caldera Forms!

Embed a form anywhere on your website that lets your happy customers submit their feedback with ease.

How it works

Follow these easy steps to integrate Testify with Caldera Forms!

Step 1

Create a new Caldera Form. Include the name, email address, text area and photo upload fields.

Step 2

Integrate Caldera Forms with Testify. Navigate to “Processors”, click “Add Processor” and click “Use Processor”.

Step 3

Generate the shortcode from the Caldera Forms plugin and insert it anywhere on your website.

Step 4

Now your happy clients can submit their feedback directly to you via your website!

Create Beautiful Testimonials for Your Website

Start using Testify today and begin converting your site visitors into customers.

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